Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cake platter

 I have been wanting a pretty white cake platter for about a year now, but they are so spendy at stores (not worth the price because i hardly ever bake cakes) For a while now i have been planning to make my own with the classic plate and candlestick holder combo. So on our last trip to goodwill i found a plate and a perfect white holder! Originally i thought i would have to paint the holder because they are always a random color, but how cool that it was already white and ceramic and matches perfectly! All it needed was a little super glue to marry the pieces together. Bring on the cakes!!! :)


Kovalchuk Viktor Nikolayevich said...

i like it, good job baby, what was the total on this one?

Val Kovalchuk said...

Umm... i think it was about $5. not bad :)