Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baking bread

 Due to the fact that we did not have any bread in the house and I'm waiting to go grocery shopping,(trying to keep to a grocery budget) I decided to try making some bread today. And it was really fun!!! And pretty simple actually. I did watch a couple bread baking videos and read some tips before i started :)
There is something so olden and rustic about making your own bread. Kneading it with my bare hands, then waiting for it to rise... Then making cool slashes on the top with a knife and finally waiting for it to bake... It took me back into the past and i got to thinking about how people used to live. 
I mean, im really happy we have all these new advances and technology, but for some reason i really like the olden ways of doing things. (even though i am still not planning on making my own bread every day...) 
But Im really enjoying getting fresh vegetables from the farm we are supporting and the other day when we were at my in-laws house, they sent us home with a bunch of goodies from their garden as well. It makes me want to grow my own food. I really hope i get to do that someday.
 Also after dinner, me and viktor drove out to some blackberry bushes next to our apartment and picked 2 jars of blackberries! Im embarrased to say that i picked like 20 berries while Viktor gathered the rest of them... (i wore a dress, and that doesn't work well with prickly bushes!)
Thats my jar on the right, i maybe added 10 more berries to it... :)


Irina said...

Val, that is sooo cool!!! That bread looks like its from a bakery:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

thank you for your enthusiasm ira :) :)