Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Yesterday, me and viktor stopped by goodwill because we didn't have much planned for the evening, and we found this sweet mason jar lamp. For the longest time our bedroom was just very plain and white, and finally  we are adding little things to it to make it more homey and inviting. i love how the look of the room is slowly coming together..


Christina'Marie said...

Thats awesome I can't believe you found that!
I love decorating with mason jars and I would make one if I knew how:)
Im lovin' your bird art and typewriter as well... you should do a tour of your home, I bet its beautiful <3

Val Kovalchuk said...

you know, making this seems very possible and not too hard. its really just a jar with a lid screwed on top, and then the light bulb with the switch is glued on top of that... but im glad i found one and dont have to try to make it! :) Thanks for the compliments!