Thursday, July 21, 2011

soft, squishy, handmade toys

Im driving down to Portland today for a baby shower that my family and friends are throwing me! Im excited :) I hope that the car makes it ok, and that i wont be too uncomfortable... its getting hard to drive these days, i need a little pillow behind my back or something... maybe ill figure something out :) 

These cute little toys are from, they have really pretty handmade toys for children. I really like how they look and i bet they feel great too :) Eventually i want to buy one for our little girl.


Julia said...

Please get the mouse.

Have fun at your baby shower! You deserve the best.

Val Kovalchuk said...

arnt they so kooky but cute? :) im leaning more towards the giraffe... i have so much baby loot now after the shower! our apt is full of it :)