Wednesday, July 27, 2011


so, im still really enjoying cooking these days. yesterday i made some Pad Thai and today was Borscht. I just love the whole aspect of cooking, i love prepping all the ingredients beforehand, cutting them and putting them into bowls. and then just adding everything in steps. it just feels so satisfying somehow... :) 
The Pad Thai was good, but not exactly authentic or anything. (but viktor did eat 3 bowls of it! Success!!) One of my previous co-workers is supposed to give me her recipe because she is part Thai and knows whats up :)
Also today me and viktor went on a little walk to a woodsy park somewhat close to us. Wow, i have not realized how tired i become these days from being on my feet! Just after about 20 min of walking, my knees and feet really started hurting. :( and when im cooking my feet hurt too actually. Ah little baby, the things you make me go through :)

(I got the borscht recipe from


Christina Marie said...

I know exactly what u mean about cooking... Its so satisfying! Esp when it turns out delicious:) i made that borscht from natashaskitchen before too and it was my first time ever and it was soooo good!

Val Kovalchuk said...

yeah im loving all of natasha's recipes, so glad there is a blog in english about russian food :)