Friday, July 8, 2011


ok, ok, its actually only our 6 month anniversary, but let us have our fun :)
its both such a short time and feels like ive been married to this man forever. my husband is very special to me, i cant imagine not being with him. he makes me feel loved and safe and happy. i love his character, that he is very generous and kind. i appreciate that he works so hard to take care of our little family (me, the cat, and little babe inside) i admire him because he is a strong man and can protect me from scary things, i love his prickly beard and i am very proud that he went to school for so long to become a nurse. i love that he wants to help people. and his personality? wow, how i love it! he makes me laugh so hard that i cant even breathe! i love all our crazy inside jokes and the fact that we can just be our silly selves around each other :) (seriously, if someone planted a hidden camera inside our home, they would think we're weird) :)

husband, you are so great and make me so happy!!! happy anniversary!! :) 


Irina said...

Aaawwwweeeee:) So sweet:) Happy Anniversarry!!!

Val Kovalchuk said...

thank you!