Saturday, July 9, 2011

26 weeks pregnant

some things i have learned so far:
1. the time passes by so quick! i wish i could go back and enjoy those first moments all over again :)

2. using a scrunchy to keep my pants buttoned has worked pretty good so far. (but its getting super tight... what was my plan B...) 

3. that you can survive your pregnancy without any pregnancy clothes. I have not bought anything yet, all my loose shirts fit well, and i have a lot of empire waist dresses that work... which leads to my next point..

4. if you're pregnant in the summer, wear dresses all the time. its great! 

5. make things for your baby during your pregnancy, it feels so fulfilling and since you'll want to sit a lot anyways, its the perfect time. 
6. the desire to cook or eat food disappeared in my first trimester, but came back in the second.. not sure what the third will bring yet :)

7. marry a man who will support your eating habits when all you want to do is eat. all the time. especially at 11pm. (viktor tells me to eat a lot, not that i need his encouragement right now) :)

8. talk to your baby and rub your belly. it will make you feel close and your heart will grow soft towards it. and your bond will begin :)

9. don't worry about your weight gain. your body is a little home for the baby, it wants to be warm and comfortable.

10. you will probably wake up in the middle of the night to pee.. right now i wake up at about 5 am every night.. and that's when my cat wakes up and start biting me, so i kick her out of the bedroom. it works out for everyone :)


Kovalchuk Viktor Nikolayevich said...

You're a pregnant babe!

Val Kovalchuk said...

thanks love :)

Irina said...

FYI you look really sexy here..:) and the list of stuff you learned.. it will come in handy for me sometime in the future..

Val Kovalchuk said...

:) yay i will impart my wisdom upon you!

Julia said...

Props to you for not buying any pregnancy clothes! Way to go.
What have you made for baby?

Val Kovalchuk said...

I'm working on sewing a little stuffed elephant and knitting a blanket. Also I want to make a baby quilt and knit some booties :)

Olga said...

"Like" on Ira's comment. Shoot, blogspot should get some pointers from Facebook... :)

Val Kovalchuk said...

now that you mention it, i really want to "like" your comment!! oh blogspot, so much to learn...