Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing by the days...

Yes, this is my big belly :) its really getting there, and im only halfway... i will look like i swallowed three giant watermelons by the time this is all over :)
the baby is kicking me full time these days, its hard to fall asleep sometimes :) it doesn't really hurt, but the kicks are so persistent and in the same spots. Last night viktor felt the babe again and he was surprised how much harder the kicks have gotten.
I think i will be making the baby a little book where i write to it every so often and tell it how its progressing. and then when the babe is older i will give it to him/her :)

So, Im having a bit of a dilemma today: what to cook. The food i had originally on my schedule was a mushroom and potato soup, but it looks so warm outside that i feel like making something light and cold. What do people cook in the summer? Just salads? i need more inspiration...
Remember when me and viktor took his car to get an oil change? Well, we just picked it up from there this morning :) Yeah, they closed at like 5 the day we dropped it off (Friday) and then on Saturday we completely forgot about it! On Sunday they were closed so finally we got it today. Also i went grocery shopping this morning (ok, so it was like 10:30) I went to Winco, and i usually hate the crowds in the store, so many carts in the aisles... but my sister in law told me that in the mornings its not so bad. She was right, it was pretty mellow. 

Anyways here is my food schedule for the week:
Monday: Mushroom and potato soup
Tuesday: Grilled burgers with baked fries
Wednesday: Farfel with peas and bacon 
Thursday: Shuba
Friday is date night, so no cooking! :)
Saturday: Creamy chicken pizza
Sunday: Crab and avocado salad

but im thinking to just make shuba today because its so warm out. Viktor mentioned that he likes that salad so i will be trying to make it for the first time. but instead of using herring (viktor is not a fan of the taste) i will try to make it with smoked salmon. i got the recipe from


Irina said...

I like it how you call the baby "the babe" :) also your belly is BIG! also you changed your blog again.. i like it..:) So my reccomendation for hot day food is: yummy sandwiches ie: tuna salad sandwich, rosemary chicken salad sandwich(i've tried this recipe in my cooking light book, and it was delicious, i can send it to u..)etc..I LOVE your cooking plan, the food sounds delicious.. you are becoming such a homey wifey.. :)also, dont buy fruits and veggies at winco.. cause it has no nutrition.. also their meat is a little questionable..everything else is fine..k, bye:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

yes, send me the recipe!! that sounds good. why no winco, where did you hear that the fruit is bad? yeah, i dont buy anything with their brand, its a little too cheap and as you say "questionable" we were gonna buy the chicken breast once, and then viktor noticed that it was from "young chickens" but the breasts were gigantic!! :)

Irina said...

Soooo..recipe first: roasted/grilled/baked chicken breast, green onions, chopped almonds, fat free plain yogurt, light mayo, pinch of fresh rosemary, teaspoon of dijon mustard, salt, pepper, whole grain sliced bread.. Just eyeball everything for 2 sandwiches.. Its delish.. Also the winco fruits and veggies lacks nutrition b/c it tastes like cardboard laced with pesticides..:) not so good.. Although the foster farms chicken seems fine..

Val Kovalchuk said...

i will whip up this sandwich next week!