Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Southern cookin'

I have planned out all my recipes for this week and next, i feel so organized and wifey :) 

today im trying to make some baked bbq chicken and baked breaded chicken which is supposed to end up like fried chicken. but you bake it! it looked easy, so im giving it a go. all this food will go with some mashed potatoes (i bought a hand mixer today so the potatoes will be creamy) and a side of beans :) i had bought some pink beans like 4 months ago when i wanted to eat more nuts and beans and grains but this is the first time im making them. 

kitsya and viktor are both sleeping so its nice and quiet in the kitchen. usually kitsya bites my feet and tries to jump on the counter whenever im cooking, so its a lovely change :)

and this is kitsya sleeping away :)

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