Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a lunch date

me and viktor had a nice productive day today. we washed and cleaned our cars, then took his car to get the oil changed.
then to reward ourselves we went on a little lunch date to Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe here in downtown Kent. It has food like a Panera Bread, sandwiches and salads and such, but its so much fresher and better because its a local place. Last time we went here, we ordered way too much because the portions were ginormous! I got an Italian sub and it was the size of a foot long from Subway!
so this time we shared a sandwich with fries and a ceaser salad and after got some coffee and dessert. Their desserts are really good, they make everything there! 
Here are some pictures from our date. 
and this is viktor sipping away at his coffee :)
by the way, check out viktor's new blog


Irina said...

u changed ur blog! I like it.. Looks like u guys had a fun lunch date:) miss u..

Val Kovalchuk said...

i miss you too!! yes, i wanted a new fresh look :)