Thursday, June 30, 2011

birthday date

 i had a really nice evening out with Viktor. we went to eat dinner at a little restaurant called Phoenecia on Alki beach in Seattle. i really enjoyed it. They have lots of small plates to choose an appetizer from and then pizzas and entrees too. the restaurant seemed Italian, but im not sure. We ate some crab cakes, little meat steaks and some olives for our small plate option. (they really mean small plates)and also a pizza. i have really been into olives lately, i crave their salty taste! so this really hit the spot :) then we had some uptown expresso (check out their delicious foam!) and also cupcakes in west seattle at Cupcake Royale. It was just a really nice night out with my husband. i really love him :)

its my birthday!

 I'm 22 years old today. It feels good :) Viktor got me some nice flowers this morning, and we have plans to go out for dinner tonight. i just wanted to keep it simple, no parties. except i still haven't picked a place to go eat... hmm... fancy or good simple food? i don't know what to pick! i think i want to dress up though, so maybe fancy :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my hands are starting to cramp up...

i have started to knit a baby blanket for the little babe inside of me. and boy, its hard work! i think i only knit about 6 rows so far and my hands really hurt. :) good thing the weather is looking so gloomy this week, perfect knitting mood :)
here is the pattern that i will be doing. just a basic 6 colors in a row. i like how it looks, very soft and gender neutral :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer goodness..

i went out today to our local Kent Farmers Market to find some fresh fruit. It was my first time going to the market, and its like 2 min away from our home :) I bought some strawberries and cherries, there isn't a whole lot of fruit yet, cant wait for the summer season to continue! I really wanted to buy some organic local honey, but its so expensive, $8 for a little jar!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yummy cookies!

I made some yummy elephant ears for dessert tonight, the recipe was from
Super simple recipe, just 2 ingredients: puff pastry sheets and sugar!! and they come out all crispy and sweet :) me and viktor actually ate all of them within half an hour, along with some milk :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eating healthy around here

1. yummy breakfast: yogurt, granola, blueberries, strawberries and banana.
2. crab and avocado salad w/lettuce, tomato, croutons and homemade dressing.(there's anchovies in the dressing!!)

Its been two weeks since we have been getting fresh produce from the Whistling Train Farm here in Kent. Its a bit of a slow start, were getting mostly greens and herbs, but its making me be creative in the ways i make salads. Ive also added different leaves and herbs into pastas. Cant wait to start getting more substantial veggies like zucchini, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and such! :) I think zucchini and peas are just around the corner.

Viktor and I decided to sign up to support this CSA because we wanted to eat local, natural, and fresh produce instead of buying groceries at Safeway. Also its nice to support a local farmer instead of a big store. Its a little more expensive than buying produce at the store, but i think its worth it because its local and naturally grown. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

having a leisurely brunch

Viktor had the night off, so we slept in and cooked up a mean brunch. (look at all those healthy veggies!) im still trying to figure out how to make good pancakes from scratch, this time they turned out a little flat and doughy. but they looked nice! i put some cranberries into the batter as well. :)
now we are off to explore some antique shops!

Friday, June 17, 2011

some (new) things aroung the house

 (from left to right)
1. flowers given to me by Viktor that i dried and hung by the door
2. a pretty plate i bought at Goodwill recently, perfect for desserts :)
3. little cake toppers i had made for our wedding
4. some new natural handsoap im trying out in our bathroom


here is what i have so far on my peanut project:
i washed, ironed, and cut all the pieces and sewed together the ears yesterday. but i have to say, i woke up with a cramp in my hand this morning :)

and here is a little peek at my plans for cooking in the next week.

Menu for next week:

Monday: crab and avocado salad
Tuesday: pasta w/ roasted veggies
Wednesday: fried potatoes w/salad

Thursday: fajitas
Friday: date
Saturday: sausage w/rice
Sunday: baked potato w/ tuna salad

Dessert: Jam shortbread cookies

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting the peanut

i woke up a little late today, i was just so tired that i couldn't get out of bed :( i spent most of the early afternoon learning how to knit by watching a lot of videos online :) 
 here is some of the things i bought yesterday and the books i checked out from the library. 

today i will be starting peanut the wee elephant project.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

peanut the wee elephant

We had some friends over last night for homemade burgers, salad, watermelon and a Mexican Mango cake. It was a nice night, Viktor grilled up the meat and had some fun conversations. Also its very amusing to watch Viktor and Ira's little Max chasing after our Kitsya. they have a funny relationship :)
Today was so nice, Viktor had last night off, so we got to sleep in together and hang out the whole day. 

I have decided on some projects that im making for the little babe, so we went out and got some supplies at Goodwill and Joann's Fabrics. 
Oh and yesterday i went out and got a library card!! felt so nice again :) i got about 6 or 7 books on knitting and making quilts and little projects for babies :) 
So here are some things i will be making in the near future. 

sew a little stuffed elephant (like the one in the picture)
sew a baby quilt
knit baby socks
knit a baby blanket

i bought supplies for the elephant and quilt today, the materials are in the dryer as i type this, i will post some pictures of them tomorrow :) 
 peanut, the wee elephant i will be making :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing by the days...

Yes, this is my big belly :) its really getting there, and im only halfway... i will look like i swallowed three giant watermelons by the time this is all over :)
the baby is kicking me full time these days, its hard to fall asleep sometimes :) it doesn't really hurt, but the kicks are so persistent and in the same spots. Last night viktor felt the babe again and he was surprised how much harder the kicks have gotten.
I think i will be making the baby a little book where i write to it every so often and tell it how its progressing. and then when the babe is older i will give it to him/her :)

So, Im having a bit of a dilemma today: what to cook. The food i had originally on my schedule was a mushroom and potato soup, but it looks so warm outside that i feel like making something light and cold. What do people cook in the summer? Just salads? i need more inspiration...
Remember when me and viktor took his car to get an oil change? Well, we just picked it up from there this morning :) Yeah, they closed at like 5 the day we dropped it off (Friday) and then on Saturday we completely forgot about it! On Sunday they were closed so finally we got it today. Also i went grocery shopping this morning (ok, so it was like 10:30) I went to Winco, and i usually hate the crowds in the store, so many carts in the aisles... but my sister in law told me that in the mornings its not so bad. She was right, it was pretty mellow. 

Anyways here is my food schedule for the week:
Monday: Mushroom and potato soup
Tuesday: Grilled burgers with baked fries
Wednesday: Farfel with peas and bacon 
Thursday: Shuba
Friday is date night, so no cooking! :)
Saturday: Creamy chicken pizza
Sunday: Crab and avocado salad

but im thinking to just make shuba today because its so warm out. Viktor mentioned that he likes that salad so i will be trying to make it for the first time. but instead of using herring (viktor is not a fan of the taste) i will try to make it with smoked salmon. i got the recipe from

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a lunch date

me and viktor had a nice productive day today. we washed and cleaned our cars, then took his car to get the oil changed.
then to reward ourselves we went on a little lunch date to Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe here in downtown Kent. It has food like a Panera Bread, sandwiches and salads and such, but its so much fresher and better because its a local place. Last time we went here, we ordered way too much because the portions were ginormous! I got an Italian sub and it was the size of a foot long from Subway!
so this time we shared a sandwich with fries and a ceaser salad and after got some coffee and dessert. Their desserts are really good, they make everything there! 
Here are some pictures from our date. 
and this is viktor sipping away at his coffee :)
by the way, check out viktor's new blog

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Southern cookin'

I have planned out all my recipes for this week and next, i feel so organized and wifey :) 

today im trying to make some baked bbq chicken and baked breaded chicken which is supposed to end up like fried chicken. but you bake it! it looked easy, so im giving it a go. all this food will go with some mashed potatoes (i bought a hand mixer today so the potatoes will be creamy) and a side of beans :) i had bought some pink beans like 4 months ago when i wanted to eat more nuts and beans and grains but this is the first time im making them. 

kitsya and viktor are both sleeping so its nice and quiet in the kitchen. usually kitsya bites my feet and tries to jump on the counter whenever im cooking, so its a lovely change :)

and this is kitsya sleeping away :)