Monday, March 14, 2011

One good rainy sunday

me and viktor had a nice day today. we decided to sleep in a bit and have brunch and then go to church in the evening in seattle at the U-District campus. 
So we whipped up some delicious breakfast together, i tried to make some pancakes (they turned out kind of in the middle of a pancake and a crepe... a little confusing to eat.. :) )
in the meantime viktor made some yummy stuffed hashbrowns. he made them with cheese and bacon and other meat and sour cream  and some parsley. Everything was so good, until suddenly my stomach acted up and unfortunately i threw it all up.. :(  it was a bit sad as i was enjoying eating so much..  
but nevertheless, we headed out to Seattle and went shopping to a couple of stores before church. i was starving by then, since my stomach was empty, so i talked viktor into getting some pizza! ( i ate two slices by myself) :) we finished the evening off by going to church and coming home. and i even ate a nectarine a couple minutes ago! this pregnancy is making me like fruit a lot, which is great because i didnt eat much of it before.. our fruit bowl is stocked with apples, nectarines, kiwi, oranges, a pear and a grapefruit. Yay!!!!


Tanya said...

I am sorry to hear about your stomach troubles.... that is no fun :( but walks and fruit is good for you so enjoy those!! I have noticed a trend for pregnant women to like walks.... :) is it the fresh air? change of scenery?

Val Kovalchuk said...

definitely both!! the smells of food in my kitchen sometimes make me nauseous, and i sit at home a lot from it.. so i love to get out. cant wait for more sunny days!!