Monday, March 28, 2011

My husband is so good to me

I would like to write a disclaimer to my last blog post. VIKTOR IS ACTUALLY A REALLY AWESOME HUSBAND!!!!! :) 
there. its true. during the day before my night meltdown, me and him had such a great day together. We went down to seattle and took the ferry to bainbridge island. On the ferry, we looked at brochures and played Egyptian ratsrew. we got to the island and walked around until we found a place to eat by the water. We went to the Harbour public house and marina where we ate a pork sandwich, clam chowder, and ceaser salad. i wish i took a picture of the chowder because it was really cool. they actually served the clams in their shells!! it looked really neat. we had some good conversations as we ate. :) Then we grabbed some coffee on the way back to the ferry in a cool coffee shop that was playing live music. 
i had a great day with my best friend!!! it was a date DAY that was my favorite.

* also the day after my night meltdown we bought some sandwich fixings and i had that sandwich i was craving for. (i also bought and made macaroni and cheese and a corn dog.... such strange things i want to eat...)

 this is viktor modeling our new way to drink water. Plastic bottled leak chemicals into our water so we might just be using glass jars! (Viktor has great plans for all of this)
if anyone is interested in educating themselves about the bottled water industry a good movie to watch is tapped.