Monday, March 21, 2011

Making some grub

today i woke up at 10:30! i felt really good and rested and was excited that i didn't sleep in too much. but then, tragically, i moved to the couch after viktor went to sleep in our bed, and i fell asleep again until 2.... i felt silly for sleeping so much :(
but no fear because school starts next monday and i have morning classes so no more sleeping in!!! im a little nervous to go to Spanish 3, because its been about half a year since i had Spanish 2... so im anticipating that i will just be trying to keep my head above the water the whole quarter... no bueno! so maybe ill throw in some spanish phrases now and then to warm up.
anyways, i went grocery shopping after i finally dragged myself off the couch. (we have been living on just potatoes for a couple days now, no eggs, milk or bread...) 
and now i am baking some potatoes with chicken in the oven, and meanwhile im about to start some zuppa toscana. we got some kale from fullcirclefarm, a organic produce company that delivers to your door, and im putting it to good use. 
but im scared viktor is tired of eating zuppa, ive made it like three times already.. (the last two times it was two days apart from each other..)
anyways, let the cooking begin!!!

and here are the results: 


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