Monday, March 28, 2011

My husband is so good to me

I would like to write a disclaimer to my last blog post. VIKTOR IS ACTUALLY A REALLY AWESOME HUSBAND!!!!! :) 
there. its true. during the day before my night meltdown, me and him had such a great day together. We went down to seattle and took the ferry to bainbridge island. On the ferry, we looked at brochures and played Egyptian ratsrew. we got to the island and walked around until we found a place to eat by the water. We went to the Harbour public house and marina where we ate a pork sandwich, clam chowder, and ceaser salad. i wish i took a picture of the chowder because it was really cool. they actually served the clams in their shells!! it looked really neat. we had some good conversations as we ate. :) Then we grabbed some coffee on the way back to the ferry in a cool coffee shop that was playing live music. 
i had a great day with my best friend!!! it was a date DAY that was my favorite.

* also the day after my night meltdown we bought some sandwich fixings and i had that sandwich i was craving for. (i also bought and made macaroni and cheese and a corn dog.... such strange things i want to eat...)

 this is viktor modeling our new way to drink water. Plastic bottled leak chemicals into our water so we might just be using glass jars! (Viktor has great plans for all of this)
if anyone is interested in educating themselves about the bottled water industry a good movie to watch is tapped.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


it is 1:44 am and i want a sandwich i saw on a commercial on hulu.... it was a mayo commercial and there was a sandwich that looked really good with cheese and meat and lettuce and mayo.... it looked so good!!!! but viktor wont get me any night food!!!!!!!!
im sad. :(

Monday, March 21, 2011

Making some grub

today i woke up at 10:30! i felt really good and rested and was excited that i didn't sleep in too much. but then, tragically, i moved to the couch after viktor went to sleep in our bed, and i fell asleep again until 2.... i felt silly for sleeping so much :(
but no fear because school starts next monday and i have morning classes so no more sleeping in!!! im a little nervous to go to Spanish 3, because its been about half a year since i had Spanish 2... so im anticipating that i will just be trying to keep my head above the water the whole quarter... no bueno! so maybe ill throw in some spanish phrases now and then to warm up.
anyways, i went grocery shopping after i finally dragged myself off the couch. (we have been living on just potatoes for a couple days now, no eggs, milk or bread...) 
and now i am baking some potatoes with chicken in the oven, and meanwhile im about to start some zuppa toscana. we got some kale from fullcirclefarm, a organic produce company that delivers to your door, and im putting it to good use. 
but im scared viktor is tired of eating zuppa, ive made it like three times already.. (the last two times it was two days apart from each other..)
anyways, let the cooking begin!!!

and here are the results: 


Friday, March 18, 2011

excited for the stomach to start growing!!

So for some reason we dont have a scale in our home. and i dont know if im gaining any weight in this first trimester.. my book says that sometimes women even lose weight during it because you're so nauseas and throw up all the time (thats me). 
But today me and viktor were at a friends house and they had a scale! so of course i weighed myself. 110 lbs people! how is this possible? my usual weight is 120, i was 115 for the wedding (jitters you know) and now i lost 5 more pounds. 
but i swear i think my sweat pants fit tighter than usual around my waist!! i promise!! so am i just delusional? 
i want to look pregnant already!!!!!!
i know, its silly. i just want confirmation there is a baby in my belly...

by the way, totally off subject, but my sister in law showed me this website where a russian girl posts russian recipes in english!!! its really neat and understandable and theres pictures! i only like food with pictures. if youre interested go here 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Viktor is gone for the evening to a mens group, so i wanted to bake something. i have a great cookbook that i bought online for $5 (yes its true. )
so i have some chocolate blueberry muffins baking in the oven as i type this.. they smell yummy :)
i like baking things.. sometimes it doesnt turn out good and im sad and dont want to bake for a while, but there's so many great recipes out there calling out to me to make them. so i must!!

 and the muffins are done, cant wait to eat one :)

Burger Run

Two days ago, i had a huge craving the whole day for a McDonald burger... I kept thinking about it all day long. So i waited until Viktor was asleep and sneaked out and got myself one... it was tasty :)
usually i cant finish the whole thing, but somehow i ate everything and felt fine... must be the pea sized baby growing, stealing all my nutrients :) 
but good news, im reading a book "what to expect when you're expecting" and turns out i can blame a lot of things on my pregnancy! 
1. sleeping all the time
2. forgetting things
3. pimples
4. throwing up (i already knew that one...)
5. feeling bloated
6. heartburn (been feeling this one a lot lately)

but its also great! like i don't have to clean the bathroom because those chemicals are bad, so Viktor does it :)
(but i still feel guilty for sleeping the whole day long...)

Monday, March 14, 2011

taking a walk

i had to sweet talk viktor into going on a walk with me today. i think im really tired of being indoors... when is spring coming already? anyways, we really like to stay home and not go anywhere for days. (well, viktor works at least, its me that stays home all the time...) 
but out we went, our apartments are by a river, so we took a walk alongside it. also viktor climbed a tree, and i was terrified because old branches kept braking and falling to the ground as he was climbing! but he is really good at climbing :)

One good rainy sunday

me and viktor had a nice day today. we decided to sleep in a bit and have brunch and then go to church in the evening in seattle at the U-District campus. 
So we whipped up some delicious breakfast together, i tried to make some pancakes (they turned out kind of in the middle of a pancake and a crepe... a little confusing to eat.. :) )
in the meantime viktor made some yummy stuffed hashbrowns. he made them with cheese and bacon and other meat and sour cream  and some parsley. Everything was so good, until suddenly my stomach acted up and unfortunately i threw it all up.. :(  it was a bit sad as i was enjoying eating so much..  
but nevertheless, we headed out to Seattle and went shopping to a couple of stores before church. i was starving by then, since my stomach was empty, so i talked viktor into getting some pizza! ( i ate two slices by myself) :) we finished the evening off by going to church and coming home. and i even ate a nectarine a couple minutes ago! this pregnancy is making me like fruit a lot, which is great because i didnt eat much of it before.. our fruit bowl is stocked with apples, nectarines, kiwi, oranges, a pear and a grapefruit. Yay!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Vera and Valentin are coming over for dinner tonight and i am very excited to cook for them!! im planning on making some lasagna, ceaser salad, garlic bread, and coffee cake for dessert! ill post some pictures up as soon as i cook something, but now im off grocery shopping :)