Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Settling in

Well hello there my dear readers!!! im so sorry i have not posted anything yet,(sorry olga..)  we dont have wifi yet in our apt so i have to sneak in internet sessions at a nearby starbucks when viktor is sleeping :) But here i am and i decided to put up some pictures of how our home is getting settled in and such. we still have some boxes laying around, but for the most part are doing good. Viktor said he had a "home" moment a couple days ago when we made a fire in our fireplace and were eating pizza while playing one of our new favorite board games (Settlers of Catan!!! its really fun) I had my own "home" moment a day later when me and him were playing guitar together on our couch :) by the way we have an unhappy neighbor downstairs that hates all noise. he already thumped on our ceiling really loudly two times and called the office to complain about us :( we decided to meet him to see our opponent... big guy around 35-40 i would say. He said he can hear our walking and shutting drawers really loud, not to mention the loud music we like to play...(oops) :) so we will try to be quieter :) other than that life is turning out good. Viktor wakes up around 3pm and i make sure to have lunch waiting for him when he gets up. Im starting to like cooking a lot!!!! if anyone has some great recipes you love, please leave a comment so i can make it :)

We still have some random stuff lying around, pardon our dust :)